About us

We develop software that helps you automate any combination of tasks, create scripts and run them, on the Web or in Windows applications.

Wintask makes people smile

We are the oldest automation company on the market, with a team specialising in automation/regression testing since 1990 (no, we’re not kidding). With almost 30 years of experience in this field, we create and maintain quality products that help you automate tasks and save precious time.

Our Mission

Make quality products that are easy to use

We believe in providing robust desktop automation products that use easy to understand scripting language, with a fast learning curve for any person with limited knowledge of programming. We update our products to keep up with current demands, building them with the constant feedback we receive from our clients.

Our Timeline

  • 1990s

    We’re geeking away at automation/regression testing. We use DOS and Windows 3.x products and finally decide to develop our own product when 32-bit Windows comes to market.

  • 1998

    WinTask was born and launched on the market.

  • 2000s

    A new millennia, and we’re still dedicated to upgrading WinTask to work with new versions of Windows and different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome).

  • 2011

    WinTask supports automation of x64 Windows applications. It now runs on both 32 & 64-bit Windows.

  • 2016-present

    Since 2016, WinTask supports Windows 10. Edge Browser support is currently under development.

  • 2020 (and beyond)

    Automation is what everyone is talking about, AI, ML or RPA are constantly in the headlines. A lot of companies rush to use RPA, because the buzz created around it makes them believe this is what they need. But most need only a fraction of the capabilities of RPA, and Desktop Automation such as WinTask offers this.