Air Transportation

Air Transportation Automation

Automation in air transportation can help cut down costs, improve efficiency and productivity, and reduce people’s dissatisfaction with customer services.

Digital Transformation for Air Companies

Transform air transportation services with automation technology, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Compatibility with legacy systems

Our automation solutions work with many applications, imitating human behavior such as clicking, opening and closing files.

Ease compliance with regulations

Automation technology delivers high accuracy on process execution, which thus ensures compliance to regulatory requirements.

Increase ROI while improving experience

Our flexible automation solutions enable airlines to reduce costs while keeping up with the public’s demand for great customer service.

Speed up operations

With bots capable of retrieving data much faster, while reducing errors to a minimum, all operations such as data retrieving can be done much faster.

Why automate air transportation with WinTask?

Work with automation experts

Our team has 30 years of experience in the automation market. We’re not old, we’re wise.

Adapting with your needs

Launched in ‘97, we continually adapted together with our clients. We won’t stop here.

Automation software for international companies

Needs differ, so we adapted, which is why WinTask has been used in over 100 countries.

Reliable automation tools

WinTask has developed automation solutions for more than 20 years, we like to do things right.

Unbelievable support

We take customer care seriously, and we do our best to help you solve any issues you might have.