Automate Form

Automatically Fill Out Web Forms

WinTask is the ultimate automation tool that allows you to create a robot that fills out all your web forms in the most popular browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. 

These forms can be filled with captured data from any environment. Whether you are a novice or expert, you will find it is quick and easy to automate your actions with WinTask.

For example – the data can be filled directly from:
  • an excel file
  • a database
  • a PDF or other text file.
  • any Windows application
  • any web page
You can capture endless tables and store them into excel files or databases and also download, upload files or handle FTP transfers And these are just a few of the features. The possibilities are endless and the tools WinTask has make sure of that.

You can use the Record button to start recording your actions. All of your actions are recorded into a script. WinTask Recorder does not record the mouse co-ordinates where you click, but record your actions using the HTML name of the object you click. It provides an efficient and reliable script which replays even if some web controls are not at the same place when you replay the script. WinTask also includes an OCR engine which recognizes any text embedded in an image and an image recognition engine that will help you click even on the most stubborn to capture elements.