Automatic Form Filling

Form Automation Software

Form filler software, from an excel sheet to the web with the required data.

Automate Forms

Quick and easy, for novices and experts to automate forms within Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

Fill in web forms in seconds

You can easily transfer data from a file to a form on the web, or even from one form to another, all in a fraction of the time spent doing it manually.

Efficient and reliable form automation

WinTask provides you with a reliable, repeatable script that repeats even if some web controls are not in the same place when you replay the script.

From macro recorder to full automation

If you want to turn a macro into a full automation system, more than 300 functions such as loops, conditions, or event triggers are available in WinTask.

Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks

Repetitive work takes time and is exhausting. With WinTask you can record & replay actions from browsers, fill in forms automatically, and more to save time.

Fill in web forms with endless data

When it comes to data, WinTask can fill in endless amounts of it, without making a single mistake, such as skipping one field.

Support when you’re stuck

If you get stuck with any script, we have plenty of tutorials on how to automate your tasks and a support team ready to help you.

Our Method for Form Filler Software

From an Excel Table to a web form, filling in fields one at a time. Using the Recorder, WinTask records how you fill in a form. Then, by using some of the existing functions from the help panel, you can connect the data from the selected Excel file, and let WinTask complete the job for you.

Popular uses for automated web tasks:

Log into Websites

By automatic navigation, WinTask can launch & load a URL, and log into a website using the credentials you provided.

Web Form Filling

Fill in data from an Excel file or database, into countless web forms and stay relaxed knowing that WinTask does it without error.

Mass Data-Entry

Automate manual data entry from an Excel file or from a database, into a web form, and let WinTask take care of the boring work for you.

Record Web Actions

Record web actions such as form filling using the macro recorder, and have WinTask repeat these actions for you.

Capture endless data

Extract endless tables from the web and easily store them in an Excel file, a database, or simply fill in another web form with the captured data.

Website Testing

Check through hundreds of pages, click on buttons, verify links, fill in forms, and much more with WinTask automation.

Download and upload files

Whether you need to download or upload different files, or even handle FTP transfers, you can automate them all with Wintask.