Easy Programming Language

Easy Automation Software

Automation software with easy programming language that you can read and understand.

Easy Programming & Access to Code

With an easy programming language and access to the raw code, you can edit and implement virtually anything in your automation.

Easy to understand, easy to automate

With a programming language that is easy to read, you can execute automation scripts that help you do your work faster without having the knowledge of a developer.

Support when you’re stuck

If you get stuck with a script or action, we have tutorials on how to automate your tasks and a support team ready to help you.

Infinite possibilities for developers

If you know your way around code, with WinTask any automation in the world becomes possible.

From macro recorder to full automation

If you want to turn a macro into a full automation system, more than 300 functions such as loops, conditions, or event triggers are available in WinTask.

Reduce time spent on repetitive work

Repetitive work takes time and is exhausting. With WinTask you can record & replay actions from browsers, Windows Applications, and more to save time.

Extract endless rows of data

When it comes to data, WinTask can extract endless amounts of it, without making a single mistake, such as forgetting to copy one row.

Our Automated Software Method:

In WinTask all Functions are grouped on the right tab of the main window. They have their own wizard, that creates the code for you exactly for your need. Generating actual code makes it extremely accessible for you to adapt it to any situation.

To learn about a function, you can press F1 while typing a function and a help page with a complete tutorial, syntax walkthrough and examples of the function will pop up on your screen. Another way is to select the function you want to use or are curious about, click Help, and then be redirected to it’s tutorial page.

For Developers: Sky is the Limit!

WinTask’s functions can be modified to interact with any HTML division, index, elements, anchors, data structures, forms and basically anything that exists on a page. If something can’t be identified as intended in an application or a web page, then our OCR and Image Recognition features will make sure that even those elements can be automated.

Popular uses for automated software:

Web Form Filling

Fill in a webform while recording it in WinTask, and it will automatically save it in a script and replay the job for you.

Web Data Extraction

Extract data from the web faster, by letting WinTask “see” how you do it. It will then use the script to do the task for you.

Software Installation

Do you need to install a piece of software, but don’t have the time to sit and wait to click Next? Show WinTask how to do it, and it will do the job for you.

Website Testing

Download and upload files, handle FTP transfers, or even test performance. You can sync updates, and have your products on display in record times.

Server Maintenance

Macro Recorder can record your actions when performing server maintenance, and repeat the same actions next time.

Mass Data-Entry

Record yourself feeding data into a form, create an automation, and let WinTask take care of the boring work for you.

“Our intention was to automate the gathering of some data from a web-based directory. I was impressed with how easily we were able to automate the data gathering process using WinTask.”

Dylan Ralph