Image Recognition

Image Recognition

Identify any visual element that exist on screen with Image Recognition.

Complex web automation software

Use WinTask to be your eyes on the screen and identify information that you can’t normally access.

Easy automation

With multiple complex functions, such as record & replay, OCR, image recognition, and more, WinTask can help you develop automation scripts that work for you.

From macro recorder to full automation

If you want to turn a macro into a full automation system, more than 300 functions such as loops, conditions, or event triggers are available in WinTask.

Reduce time spent on repetitive work

Repetitive work takes a lot of time and is tiring. With WinTask you can record & replay actions, manipulate data either as files or images, and much more.

Enhance your capabilities

When you can’t see images on a screen, or they appear too fast for you to read, let WinTask recognise them and perform the actions you want.

Support when you’re stuck

If you get stuck with a script or action, we have tutorials on how to automate your tasks and a support team happy to help you.

Our Image Recognition Method

WinTask can identify any visual element that exists on screen with Image Recognition. You can adjust the precision of the image recognition to make sure it recognizes different sizes, different resolutions, or different types of anti-aliasing used. The process is very simple. You capture a sample bitmap of the area you want WinTask to perform an action on, select the area in which it should find the same image, set the precision, and then paste it into your script.

Popular uses for image recognition:

Retrieve data from capture elements

Use the image recognition engine to help you click even on the most stubborn to capture elements.

UI elements with the same name

Solve problems such as distinguishing between UI elements with the same internal name, with the help of WinTask.

Identify buttons or other elements

With the help of bitmaps you can identify elements or words with a meaningful name under automation.

Control Apps

Use WinTask’s image recognition function to read screen displays in remote desktops that you wish to interact with but do not have WinTask installed.

“Each institution has to build information having its systems as a source. Then, they need to enter this info in a browser form, manually (!!!!) . Super WinTask does the work. It reads the input file, generally in access, enters information and navigates through the browser, builds a log, and at the end generates an input for another system.”

Juan Roy