Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition with WinTask

Easily convert different types of documents (graphs, image files etc) into editable and searchable data with OCR.

OCR Capabilities

WinTask records/replays using the individual objects seen on the screen, either Windows objects or HTML objects.

Solve incompatibility issues

You can easily transfer data between two incompatible applications or from a Windows app to a website. WinTask can also be used with software that does not contain macros.

Easy automation, ready in an instant

Press the record button, choose what you would like to be recorded, record your actions, and watch WinTask replay them for you.

Full automation macro tool

If you want to turn a macro into a full automation system, more than 300 functions such as loops, conditions, or event triggers are available in WinTask.

Reduce time spent on repetitive work

Repetitive work takes time and is exhausting. With WinTask you can record & replay actions from browsers, Windows Applications, and more to save time.

Extract endless amounts of data

When it comes to data, WinTask can extract endless amounts of it, even from non-text files, using its OCR capabilities.

Support when you’re stuck

If you get stuck with a script or action, we have tutorials on how to automate your tasks and a support team happy to help you.

Our Method for Macro Automation

Using its own OCR and an OCR engine provided by Microsoft (MODI – Microsoft Office Document Imaging), WinTask can click properly on non-HTML objects/non pure Windows objects, just using the text of the object. WinTask OCR functions allow you to look for the object anywhere in a window, so the object can be found even if it is not at the same place at replay. If an object under automation is not seen, mouse coordinates are used automatically.

Popular uses for OCR:

Read printed documents

Invoices, contracts that were printed and signed, or PDF’s received from customers via emails. All of these can be edited and searched with WinTask’s OCR capabilities.

Extract Data from Images

With the combined powers of two OCR engines, you do not need human intervention to double check on text from images, you can automatically extract all of it.

Transfer data

Text files, invoices, pictures, you can tell WinTask which data you need to parse, and give it instructions such as where to copy or move it.

Capture Images from URLs

Give WinTask a specific website address that contains the image you want to capture data from, and it will retrieve it for you.

Transcription of sensitive information

It’s always best to reduce human transcription errors, even more so when the data contains sensitive information.

“The WinTask product is easy to use, performs as we expected, and provides the functionality we require for recording test scripts.”