Run Data Entry &Web Automation Scripts

Simple script running tool, created to help you easily run automations created with WinTask, such as data entry scripts, web automation scripts, and much more.

A simple tool for Easy Script Running

Easy to use, Runtime helps you run automation scripts created with WinTask on secondary machines, with just a .rob file (script).

Increase Productivity & Reduce errors

Repetitive tasks have a huge potential for errors. With RunTime running your automations, tasks can be performed for as long as needed, with no errors.

Beat your competition with automation

Repetitive work is draining and doesn’t let your employees reach their full potential. Higher value work improves your offering, thus putting you a step above your competition.

No compatibility issues

With RunTime you don’t need to worry about compatibility on all machines, you only need one with WinTask Installed, and scripts created with WinTask on the others.

Easy software, for beginners and experts

With over 300 functions in Wintask and a simple tool for running scripts like RunTime, it’s easy for both beginners and experts to create and run scripts that automate their work.

Unlimited email support

If you get stuck with running a script, not only do we have tutorials and other help material, but our support team is happy to help you solve your problem.

Why use RunTime for automations such as Browser Scripting?

Designed by scripting experts

We started with automation/regression testing 30 years ago. We’re not old, we’re wise.

Evolving with your needs

Launched in ‘97, we continually adapted together with our clients. We won’t stop here.

Simple design

We keep things simple and uncomplicated, with easy to understand programming language.

Automation software for international companies

Needs differ, we adapt. That’s why WinTask’s products have been used in over 100 countries.

Robust product

WinTask ensures the same script can re-run on a new launch if any unexpected events occur.

Unbelievable support

We supported a utilities company to function through Hurricane Irma. We give our best to help.