Top 10 uses

Automate the installation of several small programs into one installation application for distribution “I automate the installation of several small programs into one installation application for distribution on all our ships. With the silent runtime that you provide, I can distribute the scripts along the necessary WinTask files.” “I use Wintask to do some desktop customization, for example in Windows XP, I have one custom settings that I want to do automatically. Wintask software clicks on the Start Menu > Control Panel > Folder Options > View > Do Not cache thumbnails and then clicks on Apply.”
WinTask Scheduler (available under XP and 2003) or WinTask x64 Scheduler (under Windows 7&8 64-bit/2008 R2/2012) includes Flexible scheduling options with User-definable frequency and exclusion dates/times. It can launch tasks while desktop is locked or no desktop is opened. Tasks not needing a desktop can be run in background. It runs as a System Service. Full access the Windows Event log and Registry Access databases connections using ODBC. A WinTask script can be played at any time. For example, you can specify a script to playback at night 00:00 AM for deleting temp files, refreshing network settings, and another script to playback at night 02:00 AM for updating a database. “The goal is to automate a number of data extracts from (currently 5 different) UNIX systems into a single database that resides on our network server. This automation eliminates the manual process and also allows us to view the data on a daily basis, which we currently do not provide due to the time consumption this process takes manually. Loading the data daily will allow us to view changes in cost and inventory as well as a comparison in sales between the different facilities/branches. Your product has eliminated a ton of redundant tasks as well as add productivity to our company : with your Scheduler, the automated tasks are running before/after working hours and it alleviates user complaints about the server system being slow due to the data pull.” “I automate disk cleanup on our server. Using WinTask language, I could easily delete all files in a temp directory that are earlier than the current date. I could then schedule the task during weekend.” “We have a Database server that runs a large part of the company and it requires database maintenance to be run every weekend.  The process is complex and takes 6-7 hours, but the steps are identical every time.  I have been able to automate the entire task using WinTask.”
Automate detailed product testing results in higher quality tests, less time, and less costs. Here at WinTask, we use our product, WinTask, to automatically test itself. Test your web pages across multiple browsers, WinTask supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Automation tools can be used at practically any level during the product development and testing cycle. Using WinTask powerful language, tasks can be chained together and executed conditionally either because of the tester’s requirements, or situations that arise while the test suite is running (for example, if an error box does not appear when it should, a separate task can start automatically that verifies that the program has handled such an exception gracefully) Have you ever spent hours browsing your website to re-test it after a change? WinTask can automate almost any kind of website for web regression and verification testing for you! “The WinTask product is easy to use, performs as we expected and provides the functionality we require for automating test scripts.  We are quite pleased with WinTask and have found it to be very useful with many of the repetitive tasks we need to perform as part of quality assurance testing.  Here we used WinTask to extract a set of item numbers from an excel spreadsheet and then execute requests against our Inter/Intranet sites in order to ensure the sites were extracting information and responding to requests within a specified timeframe throughout the day.” “At work, I’m trying to use WinTask to automate the collection of information from our laboratory systems, and for regression testing of some of our software. I manage a Systems Engineering Group responsible for quality and performance of the hardware and software used in the video servers that we manufacture.” “Basically, what we’re trying to do is provide a quick way to test the features of our product.  It is still in development and I have created multiple scripts to perform different scenarios using our product to make sure everything still works after changes are made.” “I was looking for a product that could help me build a regression test suite for our applications. We follow eXtreme programming guidelines for the most part and regression test are very important. We build them as we implement new features and these test look at GUI interaction as well as results monitoring. With each step we regress all of the tests to ensure onward quality of application integrity. We were doing all of this manually. It is tedious and it is skipped at times due to time constraints. I developed many regression tests fully automated with WinTask and found the tool to be quite useful.” “We have a complex C++ database application with about 30 dialogs.  When we fix one thing, it breaks something else.  We needed a regression test badly. I have 121 WinTask scripts now.  They clear the database, import known data, add, duplicate, rename, edit, delete, reorder and export.  Then compare the exported data to expected data. We plan to use WinTask for several other applications. We already discovered and fixed several application problems while creating the WinTask scripts. I think we made a wise investment.  I will recommend WinTask in the computer forums that I visit.”
Intelligently copy data from one application to another. Automate Data entry into any application or web form. A utomate data entry at high speeds, or copy data from one application to another. “We are an IT Integrator working a project with a manufacturing company to implement an ERP system to replace their home-grown system. The plan is to have both systems running 3-6 months before powering off the home-grown. Hence, there is a need to populate data from one system to another to avoid double input and error. Since I have heard about WinTask before (from associates), therefore, we used your software for this purpose.” “I use WinTask to take data in an excel spreadsheet and perform data entry into my accounting system. As my spreadsheet lists 1000 items that need to be entered, the automation script saves a lot of time.” “I needed to replicate some keystrokes several thousand times. Your software allowed me to do that quite easily.” “Each institution has to build information having its systems as source. Then, they need to enter then in a browser form (!!!!) manually. Super Wintask does the work. It reads the input file, generally in access, enters information and navigates though the browser, built a log, and at the end generates an input for other system.”
Web surfing is fun, but many tasks are repetitious: Checking on the same sites everyday, remembering passwords, submitting to search engines or testing web sites over and over again. With WinTask you record these tasks once and then let WinTask execute them whenever you need them. Any combination of browsing, form filling, clicking and information gathering can be recorded into a macro using WinTask’s Recording mode unique feature. Do you need to extract price lists, stock information or any other data from websites? WinTask can do this for you. It submits data from a file/spreadsheet to a website and stores the result from the website in a text/Excel file. Automatically complete forms Navigate complex websites repeatedly without user intervention. “I recorded a WinTask macro that automates my favourite searches on eBay and extracts prices from the results page.” “I use WinTask to capture prices off webpages and “dump” them in a file or database.  I use it too logging into websites with my password and place orders for products.” “I am getting my script to: look at a spreadsheet, grab a url, paste it into internet explorer, grab a value from the webpage, paste the value into another spreadsheet. With the actual spreadsheet about 700 lines, I could easily automate this tedious task.” “I have written a couple of long scripts to automate a web data extraction task.  The product is very well suited to web data extraction tasks.” “Our intention was to automate the gathering of some data from a web-based directory.  I was impressed with how easily we were able to automate the data gathering process using WinTask.” “Now I can easily to collect the prices of 33 insurance companies in 20 towns for 5 client profiles: 3300 values every three months! A very impossible job without WinTask.” “I have found WinTask particularly useful for website promotion. I use e-mail safe lists (spam free), FFA lists and Search engine submitters. WinTask easily allows me to log in, submit etc. and also perform other routine maintenance tasks. WinTask also saves me money because I don’t need to buy the dedicated software that is available to do these tasks. At the moment I am saving about one and a half hours per day and I expect this saving to increase as I add more promotion services.”
WinTask’s powerful language allows for event driven user simulation to drive applications of any kind and gather time critical data. “We use WinTask to stress test Terminal Server environments.” “Our job is basically to navigate through customer pages and record data such as availability and response time. We enjoyed working with WinTask and had no trouble getting through the development process. Since the help subsystem is complete, we could develop easily our scripts.” “We purchased the tool to do a load test against a client-server application. However, as I became more familiar with Wintask, I found that it had much broader usage throughout my projects in helping me to perform repetitive Windows tasks. So, now I use it to make my project tasks more efficient. In addition, some performance tests require lengthy initial procedures as well as post-test procedures to be performed. If a step is omitted, it can make the test run invalid. WinTask is also very good for this. WinTask helps me insure that all the steps carried out are consistent from test to test, so that my tests have greater stability and are highly reproducible, very important aspects of the tests that I perform.”
Routine business processes like checking inventory, updating customer records, generating reports are tedious and important, you have to type same texts carefully, pressing same buttons again and again. With WinTask you can turn these steps into a macro and let WinTask do it for you. This will save you a lot of time. “We use PeopleSoft ERP software and we needed a way to automate running PeopleSoft autopilot scripts.  These scripts are recorded PeopleSoft tasks that give us an indication of how the software is performing.  With Wintask we were able to automate logging a user onto a Microsoft Terminal Server farm, run the Autopilot software on the server, run the appropriate autopilot scripts, and logoff the server. The whole system gives us ERP Interactive performance monitoring capabilities.” “I worked on automating a task to extract large volume data from our business warehouse on a daily basis. Our company uses the SAP Business Explorer Analyzer as front-end, which is an excel add-in. I could make WinTask wait until the download process from SAP Business Explorer Analyzer is complete.”
WinTask Scheduler can launch tasks at night while desktop is locked or no desktop is opened.
Reports often take hours to run and before executing the next one, the previous report must be finished ; the WinTask script runs the reports and waits until each one is done before going on. The prompts are always the same when generating new reports. “I automate the generation of Crystal Reports. I have a Crystal Report where I view the report and refresh the data at a specific time, then I rename the file based on whatever the date is. I put this file into a pre-selected directory and email the file to other users.” “For reporting purposes I have to extract data from a Siebel environment every Friday. During my 2 weeks holiday period, these extractions had to be done but I couldn’t spend the time to explain all the details to my backup or to write a detailed procedure. So I created some scripts using Wintask. My backup only had to start my computer on Fridays and double-click on icons to perform the tasks.” “I wrote a script to automate a few reports. I could make the script run the report, wait until the report is done, then execute another report.” “Users run a batch report consisting of several hundred PDF files that need to be individually saved.  Without automation, they would have to manually type a file name and click save each of the several hundred times the “Save As” dialogue box popped up. With WinTask, I’ve been able to set up a loop that automatically saves the PDF’s using a default file name and a sequence appended to the end.”
Bundle “WinTask facility” with any software. “I have just developed critical WinTask scripts for TradeStation software.” “I wrote a WinTask macro to control Internet Explorer and to use arrow down to the next file, push F2 and rename the file, setting a number in the front of the filename and pushing enter.” “I am using WinTask to automate stock trading on NASDAQ. Broker firms do not give their clients access to a trading API thus making it all but impossible for the independent trader to develop and implement automated trading solutions. Then comes along WinTask. It automates the UI interaction with a brokers trading software. I get the WinTask script to poll a database in which trading instructions are queued and then action them through the Brokers UI. The Broker has no idea that this is in fact an automated solution.” “Delphi and WinTask do the work to get all the kind of information, put all of them just in one plane, in a database (access, mysql, sql server, oracle and …). Final users – financial experts – can play with provided Exportation wizards (from DataBase to .xls) and study and project our Financial System.” “I am using Wintask to avoid the boring task of running, every night, the Workspace Assistant of Tradestation, transferring the results into Excel workspaces, handle them to obtain series of recommendations for traders for next morning.The automation consists in running WA + Excel seven times per night, in total around two hours, with just one click.”