UI Automation

Web UI Automation Support

Create your own frameworks for automating Windows and Web applications.

UI Test Automation

With support of UI Automation framework (WPF,WinForms, Office etc), WinTask helps you automate your actions.

Add macros to any software

Bundle WinTask with any other software, to automate the UI interaction with other apps that do not have a built-in macro function.

Solve data transfer issues

You can easily transfer data between excel spreadsheets, different databases or between Excel and databases.

From macro recorder to full automation

If you want to turn a macro into a full automation system, more than 300 functions such as loops, conditions, or event triggers are available in WinTask.

Reduce time spent on repetitive work

Repetitive work takes a lot of time and is tiring. With WinTask you can record & replay actions, manipulate data, and more to save time.

Easy data handling

When it comes to data, WinTask can manage endless amounts of it, without making a single mistake.

Support when you’re stuck

If you get stuck with a script or action, we have tutorials on how to automate your tasks and a support team ready to help you.

Popular uses for Web UI automation:

Record actions on a website

WinTask records your actions using the internal UI name of the object you click, not the coordinates of your mouse where you click.

Recognise text embedded in an image

UI from some applications giving you a headache? WinTask’s image and OCR engines help you click even on the most stubborn to capture elements.

Automate stock trading

Automate UI interactions such as those with broker’s trading software that does not have an API for automated trading solutions.

Run queries automatically

Retrieve data from any of your apps, by easily automating personalized queries with Wintask’s functions.

Instruct WinTask to use others apps

With WinTask you can connect a database that holds a series of instructions to an outside application, and action the instructions through the app’s UI.

“I am using WinTask to automate stock trading on NASDAQ. Broker firms do not give their clients access to a trading API thus making it all but impossible for the independent trader to develop and implement automated trading solutions. Then comes along WinTask. It automates the UI interaction with a broker’s trading software. I get the WinTask script to poll a database in which trading instructions are queued and then action them through the Brokers UI. The Broker has no idea that this is in fact an automated solution.”