Web Data Extraction

Web Data Extraction

Extract unstructured data from web pages and convert it in an Excel file or database.

Automate web data extraction/ data entry

Automatically collect information from the Internet, or populate forms with data through WinTask.

Error-free data extraction

With more than 300 functions such as loops, conditions, error handling, and event triggers WinTask allows you the flexibility to do a reliable job faster.

Reduce time spent on manual collection

Stop wasting time on manual collection. With WinTask you can extract data from targeted web pages, even when it’s running unattended, such as overnight.

Automatically fill in Web Forms

WinTask reads the content of your Excel file or database and automatically fills the web form, clicks the Submit button, and continues this loop until the last record is read.

Extract endless rows of data

When it comes to tables WinTask can extract endless amounts of data in record times, all that without making a single mistake.

Support for multiple browsers

Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are all supported. WinTask works with the most popular browsers on the market.

Support when you’re stuck

If you get stuck with a script, there are tutorials on how to automate your tasks and support team happy to help you.

Our Method

Using automatic navigation, WinTask can launch & load the URL, send a UserId and an encrypted password (where needed), conduct searches within a website, and navigate to the different pages where field contents are to be extracted. With easy to understand language for both beginners and experts, WinTask software is the ultimate automation tool.

Popular uses of web data extraction:

Aggregate Real Estate Info

Automatically extract data from Real Estate websites and organize it in an excel file.

Create Alerts from Trading Sites

Easily stay up to date, and make sure you don’t miss a good opportunity.

Build your personal Product Catalog gathering information from several websites

Gather product information from several websites and build a product catalog with automation.

Collect Data from Competitors

Competitor monitoring is faster when WinTask automatically collects data from the indicated sources.

Automate Search Ad Listings

Automate the search through thousands of ad listings with WinTask, and easily find what you need.

Accounting Data Transfers and Synchronizations

Easily transfer accounting data between different applications and files, without losing any of it.

Clip News Articles

Save news sections of interest faster by automating article clipping with WinTask.

Extract Gambling Odds

Make sure you don’t miss an opportunity by extracting odds data automatically with WinTask.

Extract prices from Amazon, eBay, AliExpress searches

Automate your favorite searches from web stores and extract prices directly into an Excel file.

“Automates my favorite search on eBay I recorded a WinTask macro that automates my favorite searches on eBay and extracts prices from the results page.”