Why use WinTask

Developed by a team specializing in the automation market since 1990

The WinTask team has been developing this software since 1990, based on its experience in the automation/regression testing domain. We used DOS products, Windows 3.x products and finally decided to develop our own product when the 32-bit Windows came to the market.

Available Since 1998

The first version of WinTask was launched in 1998. It was initially developed for Windows 95 and later it was ported to Windows 98. Since those early years, we have continuously adapted to the new versions of Windows and new versions of browsers (IE11, Firefox, Chrome) by constant upgrades. Since 2011, WinTask can also automate x64 Windows applications. Windows 10 is supported since 2016, but the Edge browser support is under development.


WinTask features the Recording mode, which does not just register mouse coordinates, but identifies visual objects at API level – whether the application is a standard Windows application or an HTML browser page. This creates an easy-to-read script which is also easy to maintain. Recording mode works in Windows applications and in web pages loaded by Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Easy Scripting Language

The WinTask scripting language contains over 300 commands and functions and features full variable support, subroutines and programming constructs. It is very similar to VB and the learning curve is fast for any person with limited knowledge of programming. The Recording mode and the visual wizards are a lot of help for the beginners.

Unbelievable Support

We do not know all the applications you want to automate, we are not sufficiently pretentious to say that any process can be automated in a couple of minutes. However, we offer spot-on technical support for any difficulty that you may encounted while creating a script. Just show us what automation task you don’t succeed in, what part of your script does not replay as you expected, show us from your PC, on your real environment and a WinTask expert will provide advice. Our support platform includes online manuals, a forum, mail support, phone support and remote desktop assistance.

International by essence

We are not simply dedicated to English speaking customers. We take into account that Date/Time are not displayed the same way in different countries, that each country has its own keyboard layout, that numerical/monetary presentation is different from country to country. That is why WinTask has already been sold in more than 100 different countries.


WinTask is an OEM of a couple of “big“ Publishers, especially in SLA market. In this area, WinTask scripts run every couple of minutes to check the availability of critical applications. WinTask includes many features to ensure that whatever unexpected event occurs, the same script can re-run on a new launch. For Web automation, the maximum running duration of a data extraction script was about 90 hours.