WinTask PRO

PC Automation Software for an unlimited number of machines

Use our reliable automation software to create stand-alone .exe files and run them easily on any number of computers without having to install WinTask or RunTime on them.

Quick ROI from task automation software

WinTask PRO is a business-oriented version of WinTask that helps you run automations on multiple machines, which do not need WinTask or Runtime installed on them. Developed by a team with 30 years of experience.

Scale by increasing productivity

Repetitive tasks are time-consuming, exhausting, and have a huge potential for errors. Run automation scripts on multiple computers, without errors or hassle.

Quick to build automations = quick benefits

Easy programming language, straightforward functions, and quick deployment to multiple machines all contribute to seeing fast results from automation.

No compatibility issues

With WinTask PRO you don’t need to worry about all machines, you only need one. With compatibility for IE, Firefox, Chrome, 32, or 64-bit Windows Windows applications, it’s all sorted.

Flexible software, for multi-location businesses

With over 300 functions and commands, subroutines or programming constructs, and a language similar to Visual Basic, WinTask PRO offers flexibility and a fast learning curve.

Free unlimited email support

If you get stuck, have errors or unexpected issues, we have tutorials on how to automate your tasks and a support team ready to help you solve your problem.

Why use WinTaskPRO for task automation?

Designed by experts in automation

We started with automation/regression testing 30 years ago. We’re not old, we’re wise.

One professional software, a network of robots

WinTask PRO eliminates the need for using RunTime to run automations on several machines.

From macro to full automation

Error handling, event triggers, loops, and conditions are among the functions designed to help.

Automation software for international companies

Adaptable to multi-locations, WinTask has been used in over 100 countries.

Trustworthy product

In the SLA market, it runs scripts that check the availability of critical apps, every few minutes.

Supporting businesses through tough times

We supported a multi-location US utilities client through Hurricane Irma. We give our best.