Reliable & easy to use task automation software

Use the ultimate desktop automation software and task scheduler to automate any combination of tasks on the Web or in Windows applications.

Accomplish more with task automation

Save time and increase your productivity, using WinTask software developed by a team with 30 years of experience.

Increase Productivity & Reduce errors

Repetitive tasks are time-consuming, exhausting, and have a huge potential for errors. With automation, scripts can run the same tasks for as long as needed, and with no errors.

Resource optimization as a competitive advantage

Repetitive tasks are robotic, humans perform better when they engage with work. Higher value work improves your offering, thus putting you a step above your competition.

No stress compatibility

WinTask has been built for different browsers such as IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome and works with both 32 and 64-bit Windows applications.

Flexible software, for beginners and experts

With over 300 functions and commands, beginner-friendly features, and a database full of tutorials, the learning curve is fast for any person with limited knowledge of programming.

Free unlimited email support

If you get stuck with a script or an error occurs, we have tutorials on how to automate your tasks and a support team happy to help you solve the problem.

Why perform task automation with WinTask?

Designed by automation experts

Our team has 30 years of experience in the automation market. We’re not old, we’re wise.

Evolving with your needs

Launched in ‘97, we continually adapted together with our clients. We won’t stop here.

Easy scripting language

The language used is similar to Visual Basic. Beginners can start by using the Recorder feature.

Automation software for international companies

Needs differ, so we adapted, which is why WinTask has been used in over 100 countries.

Robust product

WinTask ensures the same script can re-run on a new launch if any unexpected events occur.

Unbelievable support

We supported a utilities company to function through Hurricane Irma. We give our best to help.